Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beware of Fake DV Lottery Winner Notification

 By-Biplav Acharya
In recent days, many people around the world have reported that they are getting fake e-mails concerning the “DV lottery”. The email seems systematic and official that a layman finds it difficult to distinguish it as a genuine or a fake. So, as a warning publishes this feature to make people aware of such scam emails.
How to know if a DV lottery winner email is a fake one?
1)      First of all, one should keep in mind that the US government does not send emails to DV lottery winner.
2)      The US government uses ".gov" NOT ".usa".
3)      The US government notifies winners via US mail by sending paperwork to their home address NOT via email.
4)      The US government accepts payment in person at very specific locations NOT cash sent anonymously to someone in another country.
5)      Real lottery doesn’t ask you to make an upfront payment. But a fake lottery notification usually asks you to make the payment within 7 days.

Sample of a Fake DV Lottery Winner Email Notification:
Department of State,
Kentucky Consular Center,
1001 Visa Crest Migrate,
KY 41901-1000
Dear Winner, Congratulations!
You are among those selected and registered for further consideration in the AMERICAN DV2008 GREEN CARD NATIONAL VISA LOTTERY PROGRAM. Estimatedly over 100,00 individuals were registered and 50,00 applicant were selected for fiscal year 2008 to live, study and work in the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA. You were selected on our electronic randomly computer-generated internet screening machine which was applied and processed by our agency. Your visa lottery winner's case number is DV2008/ID-6200DV/SNVPh700IU (CONFIDENTIAL). In this respect, you are directed to forward the following requirements:
l. Your present contact address (for correspondence).
2. Your recent passport photograph.
3. Regular postal mail box
4. Your phone number (optional).
The photo must be between 1 1/2 by 1 1/2 and 2 by 2 inches or (300-300 pixel), with the applicant name and spouse (if any) printed on the back. Please mail the photos to: Immigration Services PA/PL,Rm.3206,U.S Department of State Kentucky Consular Center1001 Visa Crest Migrate, KY 41901-1000Or preferably, you can scan them and send via email to our receiving correspondent, Mrs. Katherine Tower through her email address:
( For faster processing with the required details above. Your Clearance/acceptance fee is ($989.67). Payment is made through MONEY GRAM TRANSFER. For information on how to send across your clearance/acceptance fee, please contact the Clearance Officer, Mr. Trevor Blair through his email address:
( Your payment confirmation shall be send to you immediately your payment slip is confirmed.
Providing the above requirements on time will assure you of getting your processed file and your Green card Visa Lottery Security Code which shall be sent to your mail box. Upon completion of clearance, processing and issuance please make sure that, as soon as you receive your package, you must forward them to the embassy/consulate in your native country for other necessary U.S citizenry papers claim. NOTE: You will be contacted by the embassy/consulate at the appointed time for your interview. According to the United States of America's Code of Conduct and Constitution Vol.176/866:Act690SN guiding all immigration, and Green Card permit Agencies, reveal that non-Response of 7 days after you receive this notification to your winner's status shall reveal "No interest "and will in return, refer your lottery code and acknowledgement card back to the United state Government/immigration Service Center and the applicant shall hereby lose the opportunity. Also, any applicant who does not meet these requirements on time is not eligible to be issued a diversity visa. We shall be anticipating your reply soon.
Mr. John Birch
Diversity Visa Coordinator,
Consular Affairs Bureau,
US Department of State.

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